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Двигатели MACK E6 Series

  Cylinder Block Components    
49AX230 PLUG (1/8in) MAK 49AX251  
63AX83 PLUG (1/2in)(External Drive)(Opt)    
49AX234Z PLUG(1/2in)    
49AX235 PLUG(3/4in)    
49AX233 PLUG(3/8in)    
409GC210 SCREW,Main Bearing Cap    
711GC1100P15 WASHER,Main Bearing Cap MAK 711GC1100P5  
277GC116 PLUG,Cam (Cup Type)    
183GC23 PIN,Thrust Washer Locating (Crankshaft)    
32AX65 PIN,Thrust Washer Locating (Plain)    
31AX638 PIN,Thrust Washer Locating (Knurled)    
31AX268 PIN,Cylinder Head Locating    
31AX443 PIN    
115GC216 NOZZLE,Piston,Cooling (Early E6) MAK 115GC113A  
87GC133 WASHER,Lock Tab    
421GC144 SCREW    
59GB122B BEARING,Cam    
59GB1122P1 BEARING,Cam    
59GB1109C BEARING,Cam    
59GB188CP1 BEARING,Cam    
59GB214B BEARING,Cam (Current)    
701GC11A KIT,Thrust Bearing (Camshaft & Auxiliary Shaft)    
61GB215 BEARING,Auxiliary    
61GB15C BEARING,Rear Auxiliary    
61GB33 BEARING,Front Auxiliary MAK 61GB211  
61GB14C BEARING,Front Auxiliary    
590GB1362 GASKET    
601GB31D GASKET,Lifter Cover    
57GC266 KIT,Cam Bearing (2 Valve Engine) Includes    
57GC268 KIT,Cam Bearing (4 Valve Engine) Includes    
57GC2128 KIT,Auxiliary Bearing Includes    
57GC267 KIT,Auxiliary Bearing Includes    
79AX66Z PLUG,Core (Cup Type)(1-3/4in Dia.) MAK 79AX65  
49AX155 PLUG,Core (Threaded)(Opt) MAK 49AX142  
446GC175 O-RING(Opt)    
395GC110A SCREW,Thrust    
115GC251 NOZZLE,Piston Cooling (Late E6)    
409GC310 SCREW,Main Cap    
253GC47B BRACKET,Main Cap    
57GC2112A KIT,Bracket Includes    
4AX27 SCREW (7/16in-14 x 1in)    
56AX506 GASKET,Cover    
590GB1214 GASKET,Dust Shield MAK 590GB196  
547GB11A GASKET,Breather Tube    
538GB11 GASKET,Cam Cover    
79AX67 PLUG,Core (Cup Type)(1-3/8in Dia.)    
57GC2132 SET,Cam Bearing Includes    
732GB4396P2 ASSEMBLY,Cylinder Head Includes    
54GC19 LOCK,Valve    
54GC28 LOCK,Valve    
54GC111 LOCK,Valve    
54GC126 LOCK,Valve    
722GC226 ROTATOR (Use w/ EVL-8210 Locks)    
446GC139B O-RING,Valve (For .500in Dia. Valve Stem)    
446GC279 SEAL,Oil Valve    
575GC1100 SPRING,Outer Valve MAK 575GC173  
575GC31 SPRING,Inner Valve (Use w/ EOS-0442 Seal)    
714GB1308P2 GUIDE,Valve (Finished ID)    
714GB210P4 GUIDE,Valve (Semi-Finished)    
714GB210P2 GUIDE,Valve (Semi-Finished)    
12GC129P1 SLEEVE,Injector    
616GC28AP2 STUD,Exhaust Manifold (6 Req'd Per Head) MAK 17AX93  
616GC28A STUD,Exhaust Manifold (Long)(Opt)    
616GC116 STUD,Injection Nozzle    
13GC2247P1 SEAT,Exhaust    
13GC2247P15 SEAT,Exhaust    
13GC2247P31 SEAT,Exhaust    
13GC2247P47 SEAT,Exhaust    
13GC2247P62 SEAT,Exhaust    
688GC2352A VALVE,Exhaust    
688GC337A VALVE,Exhaust (Long Life)(Opt)    
13GC2237 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2237P15 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2237P31 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2237P47 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2237P62 SEAT,Intake    
690GC2187B VALVE,Intake    
690GC2193 VALVE,Intake (Long Life)(Polished)(Opt)    
3029-8213C GASKET,Head (w/o Fire Ring)(18 Stud) MAK 553GB3267C  
3029-8197C GASKET,Head (w/o Fire Ring)(20 Stud) MAK 553GB3266B  
57GC189A KIT,Gasket Includes    
553GB187B RING,Fire    
610GC1123 STUD,Cylinder Head (20 Req'd Per Head)    
400GC33 SCREW,Cylinder Head (Opt)    
711GC1100P9 WASHER,Cylinder Head (1-1/8in OD)    
711GC1100P14 WASHER,Cylinder Head (1in OD)    
142GC157 NUT,Cylinder Head    
49AX155 PLUG,Core (Threaded)    
79AX66Z PLUG,Core (Cup Type)(1-3/4in Dia.)    
446GC175 O-RING    
554GB38 GASKET,Valve Cover (Cork)    
554GB38A GASKET,Valve Cover (Rubber)(Cort)    
49AX230 PLUG,Pipe (Oil Line)(1/8in)    
49AX234Z PLUG,Pipe (1/2in)    
49AX235 PLUG,Pipe (3/4in)    
7AX277 SCREW (7/16in-14 x 7/16in)    
20AX3 NUT    
57GC278 KIT,Spring & Seal Includes    
732GB4397P1 ASSEMBLY,Cylinder Head    
732GB4397P2 ASSEMBLY,Cylinder Head    
590GB1148 GASKET    
590GB223 GASKET    
610GB224 GASKET    
126SB147 SET,Manifold Gasket    
  Cylinder Head Assemblies and Components Four Valve Head    
54GC25 LOCK,Valve (3/8in Valve Stem)    
722GC321 RETAINER (3/8in Valve Stem) MAK 722GC311  
722GC313A ROTATOR (12 Req'd Per Head)    
446GC138B O-RING (7/16in Valve Stem)    
446GC328 SEAL (3/8in Valve Stem) MAK 446GC296  
575GC213 SPRING,Valve    
714GB26 GUIDE (7/16in Valve Stem)    
714GB26P2 GUIDE (7/16in Valve Stem) MAK 714GB217P2  
714GB222P2 GUIDE (3/8in Valve Stem)    
12GC212A SLEEVE,Injector (3 Req'd Per Head)    
12GC212AP20 SLEEVE,Injector (.20in Oversize)    
13GC2251P1 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2251P15 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2251P31 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2251P47 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2251P62 SEAT,Intake    
13GC2264P1 SEAT,Exhaust    
13GC2264P15 SEAT,Exhaust    
13GC2264P31 SEAT,Exhaust    
13GC2264P47 SEAT,Exhaust    
13GC2264P62 SEAT,Exhaust    
690GC2210 VALVE,Intake (3/8in Stem)    
688GC2378 VALVE,Exhaust (3/8in Stem)    
57GC189A KIT,Gasket Includes MAK 553GB433A  
554GB115 GASKET,Valve Cover    
616GC28A STUD,Exhaust Manifold    
400GC33P4 BOLT,Cylinder Head (7-13/16in Lg)    
400GC33P5 BOLT,Cylinder Head (6-3/4in Lg)    
400GC33P3 BOLT,Cylinder Head    
711GC1100P9 WASHER (1-1/8in OD)    
711GC1100P14 WASHER (1in OD)    
49AX235 PLUG,Pipe    
79AX68Z PLUG,Core (1-1/16in Dia.)    
7AX277 SCREW,Threaded (7/16in-14 x 7/16in)    
49AX242 PLUG,Pipe (1/16in-27 NPT) MAK 49AX179  
183GC25 PIN,Valve Yoke    
732GB4484 ASSEMBLY,Cylinder Head (4VH)    
553GB187B RING,Fire    
79AX63 PLUG,Core(13/16in Dia.)    
732GB3424 ASSEMBLY,Cylinder Head(4VH)    
52AX47 SEAL,Fuel Crossover Tube    
207GC178 TUBE,Fuel Return    
63AX3438 NUT    
63AX3705 FITTING,Connector MAK 63AX3519  
  Valve Covers and Components     
56AX326 WASHER    
421GC121A SCREW (3/8in-16 x 1-1/2in)    
554GB38 GASKET,Valve Cover (Cork)(2VH)    
554GB38A GASKET,Valve Cover (Rubber)(2VH)    
601GB31D GASKET,Lifter Cover    
6AX1359X SCREW (3/8in-16 x 1in)    
6AX1591 SCREW (3/8in-16 x 3/4in)    
590GB1176A GASKET    
590GB2111A GASKET (Current)    
337GB354P2 COVER,Valve (Forward)    
337GB471 COVER,Valve (Forward/Rear)    
337GB354P25 COVER,Valve (Rear)    
337GB354P10 COVER,Valve (Rear)    
2MR289 CONTACT    
1MR2358 SWITCH,Dynatard    
43MR210A TERMINAL,Switch    
43MR220 TERMINAL,Engine Brake    
554GB321 GASKET,Valve Cover (Viton)    
554GB115 GASKET,Valve Cover    
43MR213P2 TERMINAL,Engine Brake MAK 43MR213  
590GB177 GASKET,Breather (Early)(Cork)    
  Rocker Arm Assembly and Components Two Valve Head    
227GB11 CAP    
37AX419 WASHER    
574GC14A SPRING    
574GC15 SPRING    
416GC115 SCREW(7/16in-14 x 4)    
711GC1100P11 WASHER    
446GC138B O-RING    
21AX750 NUT,Adjusting    
417GC25A SCREW,Adjusting    
369GC314A PUSHROD (6 Cylinder, 2 Valve Intake)    
369GC256A PUSHROD (6 Cylinder, 2 Valve Exhaust)    
72GC347 LIFTER    
72GC357 LIFTER (Current,w/o Oil Hole)    
421GC171 SCREW,Locking (3/8in-16 x 7/8in)    
36AX3 WASHER    
44GB316A ROCKER Arm,Exhaust (Dynatard)    
44GB2169B ROCKER Arm,Exhaust (Non-Dynatard)    
466GC479 SHAFT,Rocker Arm (Non-Dynatard) MAK 466GC247B  
466GC377A SHAFT,Rocker Arm (Dynatard)    
146GB1113A BRACKET,Support (w/ Oil Hole)    
146GB323A BRACKET,Support (w/o Oil Hole)    
146GB1112A BRACKET,Support (w/o Oil Hole)    
466GC420 ASSEMBLY,Rocker (Complete) Includes    
466GC427A ASSEMBLY,Rocker    
57GC246 KIT,Solenoid Includes    
446GC1149 O-RING    
590GB1327P1 RING    
49AX242 PLUG,Rocker Shaft (Dynatard)    
97AX73 RING,Retaining (Dynatard)    
579GC148A WASHER,Wave (Dynatard)    
148GC19 NUT,Adjusting    
  Rocker Arm Assembly and Components Four Valve Head    
579GC148A WASHER,Wave    
97AX73 RING,Locking    
574GC14A SPRING    
574GC15 SPRING    
416GC115 SCREW (7/16in-14 x 4) MAK 4AX262  
416GC116 SCREW (7/16in-14 x 3) MAK 6AX1383X  
711GC1100P11 WASHER    
446GC138B O-RING    
21AX750 NUT,Adjusting    
417GC25A SCREW,Adjusting    
369GC314AP2 PUSHROD,Intake and Exhaust    
369GC255A PUSHROD,Exhaust (w/ Dynatard)    
72GC347 LIFTER    
72GC357 LIFTER (Current, w/o Oil Hole)    
421GC171 SCREW,Locking (3/8in-16 x 7/8in)    
36AX3 WASHER    
44GB459B ARM,Rocker (Exhaust)(Dynatard)    
466GC458 SHAFT,Rocker Arm (Dynatard)    
44GB458AP2 ARM,Rocker (Intake) MAK 44GB327A  
57GC198 KIT,Solenoid (12 VDC) Includes    
146GB332P2 BRACKET,Support MAK 146GB328P2  
446GC1149 O-RING (Dynatard Solenoid)    
590GB1327P1 RING    
49AX242 PLUG,Rocker Arm Shaft (1/16in-27 NPT)    
148GC19 NUT,Adjusting    
21AX873 NUT,Valve Yoke Screw    
891GC217 YOKE,Valve (Button Design)    
421GC257A SCREW,Yoke Adjusting MAK 421GC189  
466GC391 SHAFT,Rocker Arm MAK 466GC390  
37AX419 WASHER    
227GB11 CAP    
183GC25 PIN,Yoke Guide    
466GC444C ASSEMBLY,Rocker (Dynatard) Includes    
  Piston Kits, Cylinder Kits, Ring Sets and Sleeves    
353GC241JP1 RING,Set (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
353GC241JP1 RING,Set (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
353GC241BP1 RING,Set Bore Dia. 4.875in    
353GC280B RING,Set (Longlife)(Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
353GC241SP1 RING,Set (Premium Grade)(Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
353GC241CP1 RING,Set (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
353GC2139 RING,Set (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
353GC240CP1 RING,Set (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
353GC253AP1 RING,Set (Bore Dia. 4.875in) Includes    
353GC2121 RING,Set (STD)(Bore Dia. 5.000in)    
353GC226P1 RING,Set (Bore Dia. 4.875in) Includes    
240GC1550AP1 KIT,Piston (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
57GC283A KIT,Piston (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
57GC282A KIT,Piston (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
215SB228 KIT,Piston (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
240GC1521CP1 KIT,Piston (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC287P2 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 5.000in)    
509GC287P4 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 5.000in)    
509GC287P6 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 5.000in)    
509GC287P10 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 5.000in)    
509GC287P12 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 5.000in)    
509GC287P20 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 5.000in)    
509GC3155P6 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 5.000in)    
509GC284AP1 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP2 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP4 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP6 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP8 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP10 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP12 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP15 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP20 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
509GC284AP30 SLEEVE,Cylinder (Bore Dia. 4.875in)    
57GC366BP(*) KIT,Cylinder(15.0:1 Compression Ratio) Includes    
57GC366BP(*) KIT,Cylinder(Premium)    
57GC376P(*) KIT,Cylinder(Longlife)(2VH)    
57GC355BP(*) KIT,Cylinder(2VH)(17.0/1) Includes    
57GC368AP(*) KIT,Cylinder(4VH) Includes    
182GC1356P3 PIN,Piston    
97AX124 RING,Retaining    
  Connecting Rods, Rod Bearings and Components    
187GB138 BUSHING,Pin (For 2in Pin)    
367GC3219P2 ROD,Connecting    
367GC4247P2 ROD,Connecting    
62GB2382 BEARING,Connecting Rod (Pair)    
62GB2382P10 BEARING,Connecting Rod (Pair)    
62GB2382P20 BEARING,Connecting Rod (Pair)    
62GB2382P30 BEARING,Connecting Rod (Pair)    
62GB2393P1 BEARING,Connecting Rod    
62GB2393P10 BEARING,Connecting Rod    
62GB2393P20 BEARING,Connecting Rod    
62GB2393P30 BEARING,Connecting Rod    
396GC139 SCREW,Connecting Rod (All E6 Engines)    
456GC5113P1 CRANKSHAFT    
215SB72CP1 KIT,Main Bearing (STD)    
215SB72CP2 KIT,Main Bearing (.010in Under)    
215SB72CP3 KIT,Main Bearing (.020in Under)    
215SB72CP4 KIT,Main Bearing (.030in Under)    
215SB72D KIT,Main Bearing (STD)    
215SB72DP2 KIT,Main Bearing (.010in Under)    
215SB72DP3 KIT,Main Bearing (.020in Under)    
215SB72DP4 KIT,Main Bearing (.030in Under)    
57GC279 KIT,Thrust Bearing (STD)    
714GC216P2 KIT,Thrust Bearing (.002in Over)    
57GC2110 KIT,Washer Includes    
183GC23 PIN,Lock(2 Req'd)    
711GC1100P9 WASHER,Flywheel (6 Req'd)    
711GC1146 WASHER,Flywheel (6 Req'd)    
419GC113B SCREW,Flywheel (6 Req'd) MAK 419GC113B  
759GB429 RETAINER,Rear Seal    
759GB430 RETAINER,Rear Seal    
759GB431 RETAINER,Rear Seal (Neoprene Seal)    
446GC25P1 SEAL,Rear Crankshaft (Lead)(.125in Dia.)    
446GC25P2 SEAL,Rear Crankshaft (Lead)(.156in Dia.)    
446GC238B SEAL,Rear Crankshaft (Neoprene) NAT L2297V  
446GC310P10 SEAL,Rear Crankshaft (Teflon)    
446GC235A SEAL,Rear Crankshaft(Neoprene) NAT 336665H  
42AX550 KEY,Crankshaft,Hub    
42AX620 KEY,Timing Gear    
670GB239 GEAR,Timing    
456GC2125 KIT,Crankshaft (2V, 6 Cylinder)    
456GC2139 KIT,Crankshaft (4V, 6 Cylinder)    
36AX22 WASHER (5/16in ID)(8 Req'd) NAV 112723  
532GC220B RING,Wear (Rear Crankshaft) NAT JJ2051  
532GC222A RING,Wear (Rear Crankshaft) NAT JV2088  
57GC186A KIT,Seal & Wear Ring Includes NAT 5645  
57GC187A KIT,Seal & Wear Ring Includes    
1458-99325 RING,Wear (Front Crankshaft Hub) NAT 99325  
  Crankshaft Dampers, Hubs and Pulley    
404GB471 DAMPER,Harmonic    
404GB472 DAMPER,Harmonic    
404GB469 DAMPER,Harmonic    
404GB470 DAMPER,Harmonic    
421GC1139 SCREW (7/16in-14 x 1-1/8in) MAK 6AX819  
35AX1361U WASHER,Hub (Long)    
436GC16 SCREW,Hub (7/8in-14 x 3in)    
1458-99325 RING,Wear (Front Crankshaft Hub) NAT 99325  
710GC145P2 WASHER,Hub (Long)    
710GC211 WASHER,Hub (Short)    
788GB283P7 HUB,Crankshaft (Short)(2 Belt)(4.7in)    
788GB283P5 HUB,Crankshaft (Long)(3 Belt)(5.4in)    
42AX550 KEY,Hub (Crankshaft)    
42AX620 KEY,Timing Gear (Crankshaft)    
302GC2188A PULLEY,Crankshaft (2 Belt)    
  Camshaft and Components    
454GC4160AP1 CAMSHAFT    
454GC568B CAMSHAFT    
454GC578C CAMSHAFT (4VH)    
454GC580A CAMSHAFT (2VH)(Large #7 Journal)    
42AX214 KEY,Timing Gear    
668GB235 GEAR,Timing    
  Auxiliary Shaft and Drive Components    
20AX21 NUT    
83GC11 LOCK    
320GB279 COUPLING,Compressor (18 Teeth)    
42AX336 KEY    
683GB1154A GEAR,Oil Pump Drive (17 Teeth)    
201GC110 TUBE,Oil    
42AX177 KEY    
465GC13 SHAFT,Tachometer Drive MAK 465GC3150  
598GB11C GASKET,Tachometer Drive    
769GB23 HOUSING,Tachometer Drive Shaft    
685GB11 KIT,Gear (Tachometer Drive) Includes    
31AX13 PIN,Tachometer Drive    
453GC348A SHAFT,Auxiliary (w/ Integral Gear)    
37AX5 WASHER (2 Req'd)    
4AX2 SCREW (2 Req'd)    
453GC239M ASSEMBLY,Auxiliary Shaft (Current) Includes    
142GC1103M NUT,Auxiliary Shaft    
667GB310AM GEAR,Shaft Auxiliary Drive    
61GB215 BEARING,Rear Auxiliary    
61GB15C BEARING,Rear Auxiliary    
61GB33 BEARING,Front Auxiliary MAK 61GB211  
61GB14C BEARING,Front Auxiliary    
31AX638 PIN,Thrust Washer Locating (Knurled)    
395GC110A SCREW,Thrust (2 Req'd)    
701GC11A KIT,Thrust Bearing Includes    
57GC267 KIT,Auxiliary Bearing Includes    
320GB327A HUB,Compressor Drive    
  Timing Cover and Front Mount Components    
333GB141DP3 KIT,Timing Cover    
333GB274 KIT,Timing Cover    
395GC110A SCREW,Thrust    
39AX25 WASHER    
21AX338 NUT,Lock    
590GB236A GASKET,Gear Cover    
37AX421 WASHER    
3AX1641 SCREW (5/16in-24 x 3/4in)(2 Req'd)    
3AX1767 SCREW (5/16in-24 x 3/4in)(6 Req'd)    
6AX1306X SCREW (3/8in-16 x 7/8in)(19 Req'd)    
548GB41D GASKET,Timing Cover    
446GC181 SEAL(Neoprene)(4-1/4in OD) NAT 411275R  
446GC316 SEAL (Neoprene)(4in OD)(Current) NAT 415563R  
446GC310P2 SEAL (Teflon)(4in OD) NAT 5609  
10QL3205 ASSEMBLY,Front Mount    
6AX949 SCREW (5/8in-11 x 1-3/4in)    
20QL1166 INSULATOR,Front Motor    
20QL1171 INSULATOR,Front Motor    
20QL281 INSULATOR,Front Motor    
333GB5135M COVER,Timing (Aluminum)    
20QL313M INSULATOR,Front Engine (3-1/2in OD)    
20QL312M2 INSULATOR,Front Engine (2-5/8in OD)    
171AM6 NUT    
27AM35 SCREW (M16 x 2 x 100)    
73RU12254M SPACER    
20QL37P4 INSULATOR,Engine    
449GC32 ASSEMBLY,Oil Seal    
20QL329 MOUNT,Font (Upper)(CH Model)    
27AM38 SCREW,Motor Mount (M16-2 x 130 Lg)(2 Req'd)    
20QL322 MOUNT,Front Engine (Lower)(CH Model)    
56AX548 O-RING    
446GC316 SEAL (Neoprene)(4in OD)(Current)    
446GC310P2 SEAL (Teflon)(4in OD) NAT 5609  
191AM6 NUT,Locking    
  Oil Pump Assemblies and Components    
315GC3118H ASSEMBLY,Oil Pump (Low Pressure) Includes    
315GC445G ASSEMBLY,Oil Pump (High Pressure) Includes    
21AX638 NUT,Lock (Nylon Insert)    
21AX872 NUT,Lock (Flanged)(Opt)    
683GB273 GEAR,Oil Pump MAK 683GB1153  
767GB238B ASSEMBLY,Housing Includes    
463GC31B GEAR and Shaft    
42AX336 KEY    
683GB1144B GEAR,Idler Includes    
350GB44E COVER,Housing    
6AX1291X SCREW (1/4in-20 x 5/8in)    
332GB145 COVER    
6AX1304X SCREW (3/8in-16 x 5/8in)    
6AX1591 SCREW,Flanged (Hex)(3/8in-16 x 3/4in)    
590GB1243A GASKET    
296GC135 PLUNGER,Valve    
572GC114 SPRING    
85GC11 LOCK,Nut    
226GB122 NUT,Relief Valve    
226GB147 NUT,Relief Valve    
683GB1154A GEAR,Drive    
186GB169 BUSHING    
35AX1345 WASHER    
6AX1308X SCREW (3/8in-16 x 1-1/4in)    
186GB172A BUSHING    
6AX1317X SCREW (Short)(7/16in-14 x 1-1/4in)    
416GC115 SCREW (Long)(7/16in-14 x 4in)    
464GC145A SHAFT,Idler MAK 464GC145  
211GC3122 TUBE,Oil Pump Pickup    
37AX6 WASHER    
56AX470 O-RING    
591GB11C GASKET,Pump Inlet    
  Oil Filter Kits and Mounting Components    
27GB315 ASSEMBLY,Filter Bracket Includes    
27GB316 ASSEMBLY,Filter Bracket Includes    
32GB183 ADAPTER,Filter    
296GC21A PLUNGER    
572GC130 SPRING    
38AX53 WASHER    
226GB151 CAP    
49AX230 PLUG (1/8in) MAK 49AX251  
4AX1 SCREW (3/8in-16 x 1in)    
36AX3 WASHER    
446GC1161 O-RING    
485GB3191C FILTER,Oil    
37AX7U WASHER,Flat    
27GB213E ASSEMBLY,Filter Bracket Includes    
27GB46A ASSEMBLY,Filter Bracket Includes    
57GC294B KIT,Filter Includes MAK 215SB121  
57GC295B KIT,Filter Includes MAK 215SB134A  
215SB123 KIT,Filter Conversion Includes    
590GB2125 GASKET,Oil Filter Mounting    
485GB3219D KIT,Oil Filter    
744GB236A HOSE    
57GC2134 FILTER,Oil (Centrifugal Type)    
590GB2108 O-RING,Oil Filter Housing    
83AX759 CLAMP    
  Oil Pressure Relief Value Housing and Components    
766GB323B HOUSING,Oil Pressure Relief Valve    
766GB37D HOUSING,Oil Pressure Relief Valve    
4AX58 SCREW (3/8in-16 X 7/8in)    
572GC110 SPRING,Relief Valve    
572GC122 SPRING,Relief Valve    
38AX38 WASHER    
590GB1246 GASKET    
49AX233 PLUG (3/8in)    
49AX244 PLUG (1/4in)    
49AX230 PLUG (1/8in)    
36AX5 WASHER    
4AX289 SCREW (1/2in-13 x 2in)    
590GB1109B GASKET    
590GB1267B GASKET    
590GB1266 GASKET    
590GB1152B GASKET    
36AX3 WASHER    
  Oil Relief Valve Housing    
766GB51P2 ASSEMBLY,Housing Relief Valve Includes    
296GC21A PLUNGER    
572GC130 SPRING    
38AX52 WASHER    
226GB148 CAP (High Pressure)    
226GB146 CAP (Low Pressure)    
36AX5 WASHER    
4AX155 SCREW,Mounting (1/2in-13 x 3-1/2in)    
49AX230 PLUG (1/8in)    
49AX233 PLUG (3/8in)    
49AX234Z PLUG (1/2in)    
446GC1161 O-RING    
590GB1298 GASKET (E6)    
590GB2136 GASKET (E7)    
  Oil Coolers and Components    
493GB3127 HOUSING,Water Outlet    
36AX22 WASHER    
590GB1131 GASKET,Water Outlet Elbow    
36AX4 WASHER    
4AX49 SCREW    
4AX339 SCREW    
56AX392 GASKET    
549GB28AP1 GASKET    
446GC225A O-RING    
312GB444P2 HOUSING (6 Cylinder)    
549GB28AP4 GASKET    
57GC270 CORE,Oil Cooler Core (6 Cylinder) Includes MAK 316GB35P2  
446GC1161 O-RING    
446GC1160 O-RING    
497GB56 KIT,Manifold (Oil Cooler) Includes MAK 497GB40P1  
49AX234Z PLUG    
36AX3 WASHER    
6AX28 SCREW    
4AX1 SCREW (3/8in-16 x 1in)    
493GB454 HOUSING,Water Inlet (Long Tube)    
493GB2222 HOUSING,Water Inlet (Short Tube)    
4AX255 SCREW (5/16in-18 x 2-3/4in)    
6AX1279 SCREW (5/16in-18 x 7/8in)    
63AX892 FITTING (45 Elbow)(3/8 NPT)    
312GB367CP2 KIT,Oil Cooler    
493GB3153 HOUSING,Water Outlet (w/ Tube)    
605GB13B GASKET,Water Outlet Elbow    
  Oil Filler Tubes, Oil Caps and Components    
56AX284 GASKET    
56AX447 GASKET    
477GB3121B TUBE,Oil Filler (w/o Chain Tie Down Hole)    
6AX1275 SCREW    
37AX1 WASHER    
477GB471 TUBE,Oil Filler (Steel)    
590GB1362 GASKET (Use w/ EFT-8547 Tube)    
222GB214 CAP,Oil (2in, w/ Chain)(Bottle Stopper Type)    
222GB27A CAP,Oil (2in, w/o Chain)(Bottle Stopper Type)    
7649-AAX1193 CAP,Oil (2in)    
222GB213 CAP,Oil (1-3/8in)(Current)    
590GB1150B GASKET,Oil Fill (Early)    
795GB2178P1 DIPSTICK   38-3/4in
795GB2179 DIPSTICK   16in
795GB373P2 DIPSTICK   22-19/32in
795GB363AP8 DIPSTICK   46-1/2in
795GB2212 DIPSTICK   42-1/2in
795GB2180P8 DIPSTICK   22-5/8in
795GB29301P3 DIPSTICK   29in
795GB2208P4 DIPSTICK   50-1/8in
795GB371 DIPSTICK   47in
795GB363AP7 DIPSTICK   24-5/8in
795GB363AP3 DIPSTICK (Early CH)   23-3/4in
795GB370P3 DIPSTICK   24-3/4in
795GB370P5 DIPSTICK   25in
715GB386 GUIDE (Use w/ EDS-8876 Dipstick)    
715GB331 GUIDE (Use w/ EDS-8872 & EDS-8876 Dipstick)    
715GB372 GUIDE (Use w/ EDS-8876 Dipstick)    
32GB161 ADAPTER,Dipstick    
513GC118 SLEEVE,Compression    
715GB351 GUIDE (Use w/ EDS-8876 Dipstick)    
715GB392P2 GUIDE (Use w/ EDS-8871 Dipstick)    
715GB393 GUIDE (Use w/ EDS-8871 Dipstick)    
715GB392 GUIDE    
715GB370 GUIDE    
715GB24 GUIDE (Use w/ EDS-8873 Dipstick)    
  Oil Pans    
240GB5199 PAN,Oil (28 qt)    
240GB5212D PAN,Oil (ESI+)(51 qt) MAK 240GB5201  
240GB5218D KIT,Oil Pan(ESI+)(28 qt) Includes    
6AX1306X SCREW,Mounting (3/8in-16 x 7/8in)    
6AX1552 SCREW,Rear Mounting (1/2in-13 x 7/8in)    
39AX23 WASHER,Drain    
49AX188 PLUG,Drain (Magnetic) MAK 49AX187  
579GB41C GASKET,Oil Pan    
579GB412A GASKET,Oil Pan (Segmented)    
579GB41E GASKET,Oil Pan (Silicone Printed Seal) MAK 579GB41D  
579GB412B GASKET,Oil Pan (1/16in thk)(Segmented)    
579GB41E GASKET,Oil Pan (1/16in thk)    
6AX1553X SCREW,Front Mounting    
49AX264 PLUG (1-5/8in-12)(w/ O-Ring)    
49AX226 PLUG,Turbo Drain (1in NPT) CUM S-962  
83AX930 CLAMP,Hose (Breather Tube)(1-1/2in)    
  Engine Cooling Components    
32GB354P2 BRACKET,Coolant    
32GB415 BRACKET,Coolant    
25MF435A FILTER,Coolant MAK 25MF314B  
25MF436 FILTER,Coolant MAK 25MF429  
700GC120 VALVE,Check    
56AX393 O-RING    
4AX174 SCREW (5/16in-18 x 3-1/2in)    
36AX22 WASHER,Lock    
4AX132 SCREW (5/16in-18 x 3in)    
590GB1334 GASKET    
447GC216A SEAL    
215SB165P1 KIT,Thermostat (155°) Includes    
215SB165P2 KIT,Thermostat (170°)(Current) Includes    
215SB165BP3 KIT,Thermostat (180°) Includes    
446GC155 O-RING,Thermostat Bypass    
4AX1 SCREW (3/8in-16 x 1in)    
36AX3 WASHER    
4AX194 SCREW (3/8in-16 x 2-1/2in)    
63AX83 PLUG (External Drive)    
49AX234Z PLUG    
49AX233 PLUG    
83AX452 CLAMP    
160AX561 HOSE MAK 160AX533P4  
83AX759 CLAMP    
160AX534 HOSE    
212GC294B TUBE    
212GC434 TUBE    
160AX532P2 HOSE    
107GC4121 MANIFOLD,Front Water Outlet    
557GB118 GASKET    
605GB11B GASKET,Manifold (Early)    
25MF126 VALVE,Heater    
56AX47 GASKET,Upper Radiator Neck    
56AX310 GASKET,Lower Radiator Neck    
52AX36 SLEEVE (1/4in Tubing)    
63AX3457 NUT (1/4in Tubing)    
101AX120RF50 TUBING (1/4in OD, 50ft Roll)    
590GB312B GASKET    
107GC4115AP1 MANIFOLD,Water Outlet (Rear)    
56AX311 GASKET,Lower Thermostat (Early)    
447GC146 GASKET,Upper Thermostat (Early)    
  Water Pump and Components    
771GB480A HOUSING,Water Pump    
771GB341 HOUSING,Water Pump Assembly    
771GB517 HOUSING,Water Pump    
56AX107 GASKET    
36AX5 WASHER,Lock (1/2in)    
4AX25 SCREW (1/2in-13 x 1-1/2in)    
4AX66 SCREW (1/2in-13 x 1-1/4in)    
610GB233 GASKET (Steel Shim/Foamette)    
610GB216 GASKET    
37AX1 WASHER    
4AX76 SCREW (5/16in-18 x 5/8in)    
56AX392 GASKET    
302GC43A PULLEY,Cast (3 Belt)    
786GB234 HUB,Water Pump (3 Belt Application)    
786GB33 HUB,Water Pump (Current)(2 Belt Application)    
316GC1184 ASSEMBLY,Water Pump    
316GC1205 ASSEMBLY,Water Pump    
316GC1211A ASSEMBLY,Water Pump    
316GC1219A ASSEMBLY,Water Pump    
316GC184H ASSEMBLY,Water Pump    
316GC184P ASSEMBLY,Water Pump    
379GC36P2 ROTOR (Cast)    
379GC38 ROTOR (Stamped)    
379GC316 ROTOR (Stamped)(CH Model)    
447GC145 SEAL    
447GC25 SEAL (Use w/ ERW-0742 Rotor) SCH 163026  
447GC224A SEAL (Use w/ ERW-0745 Rotor)    
447GC218 SEAL    
360GB443B HOUSING,Water Pump (E6)    
360GB140A HOUSING,Water Pump (Short)    
469GC191C SHAFT (Short)(Cast Rotor)    
469GC245 SHAFT (Long)(Stamped Rotor)    
469GC32B SHAFT (Short)(Stamper Rotor)    
469GC248A SHAFT (Short)(Stamped Rotor)    
469GC316 SHAFT (Short)(Stamped Rotor)(No Key)    
42AX28 KEY (5/8in Lg)    
42AX176 KEY (1/2in Lg)    
518GC11 SLINGER    
46AX451 BEARING,Rear BCA 204F  
446GC1108 O-RING    
550GC22P1 SPACER    
46AX497 BEARING,Front (3 Belt Pulley) BCA 5304F  
46AX387 BEARING,Front (2 Belt Pulley) BCA 204FS  
46AX452 BEARING,Front (2 Belt Pulley) BCA 304D  
325GC120 RING,Retaining    
49AX233 PLUG,Pipe (3/8in)    
21AX639 NUT,Lock (E6)    
541KB23 BREATHER NAV 110891H  
202SB31A KIT,Water Pump Repair    
57GC2139A KIT,Water Pump Repair    
202SB40B KIT,Water Pump Repair    
202SB42A KIT,Water Pump Repair    
202SB38 KIT,Water Pump Repair    
202SB38A KIT,Water Pump Repair    
202SB41C KIT,Water Pump Repair    
57GC182 KIT,Gasket Includes    
302GC2187A PULLEY,Steel (2 Belt)    
309GC2215 PULLEY,Air Conditioner Drive    
63AX3566 FITTING,Water Elbow    
  Air Cylinder Control and Shutter Components    
35MG231 CYLINDER,Air (Shutter Control)    
31QC217 CYLINDER,Air (Shutter Control)    
2MG495A ASSEMBLY,Shutter MAK 2MG341C  
2MG463A ASSEMBLY,Shutter    
20QL286 KIT,Shutter Insulator Mount    
2079-SS165 VALVE,Shutter Control (165°) MAK 7MG215DP1  
2079-SS170 VALVE,Shutter Control (170°) MAK 7MG215DP7  
2079-SS175 VALVE,Shutter Control (175°) MAK 7MG215DP9  
2079-SS180 VALVE,Shutter Control (180°) MAK 7MG215DP11  
2079-SS185 VALVE,Shutter Control (185°) MAK 7MG215DP13  
7MG26AP6 ALARMSTAT(210°)    
7MG26AP8 ALARMSTAT(220°)    
2MR260P2 RELAY,Low Water Alarm    
20QE2216A CYLINDER,Air (Shutter Control/PTO Shift)    
2MR261P2 MODULE,Shutdown Control    
  Flywheel and Components    
537GC231 SPACER    
37AX302 WASHER    
4AX223 SCREW (1/2in-13 x 2-3/4in)    
711GC1100P9 WASHER (6 Req'd)    
429GC112P1 SCREW (5/8in-11 x 1-3/4in)    
429GC114A SCREW (5/8in-11 x 2-1/4in)(2 Req'd)    
6AX1303X SCREW    
711GC1100P12 SPACER (2 Req'd)    
183GC192P1 PIN,Alignment (STD)    
183GC192P2 PIN,Alignment (.016in Oversize)    
183GC192P3 PIN,Alignment (.033in Oversize)    
183GC192P4 PIN,Alignment (.063in Oversize)    
634GC5194A HOUSING,Flywheel    
673GB222 GEAR,Starter Ring    
530GB4380P2 KIT,Flywheel    
46AX310 BEARING,Pilot BCA 305S3  
46AX534 BEARING,Clutch Pilot (Sealed)    
46AX313 BEARING,Pilot BCA 5304  
711GC1100P9 WASHER    
419GC113B SCREW (5/8in-18 x 1-3/4in) MAK 419GC113B  
2104-274C6 PIN,Drive MAK 303SC29  
183GC191 PIN,Drive (Threaded) DAN 274C-28  
21AX814 NUT    
31AX491 PIN,Locating    
530GB3142 FLYWHEEL (For 15-1/2in Dana Type Clutch)    
  Intake Manifolds and Components    
105GC4222B MANIFOLD,Front Intake    
105GC249 MANIFOLD,Rear Intake MAK 105GC4217B  
744GB37P3 HOSE,Inlet (3-1/2in ID x 2-1/2in Lg) MAK 744GB216P4  
6AX1427 SCREW (12 pt)(7/16in-14 x 1-1/4in Lg)    
35AX1361U WASHER    
573GB170 GASKET,Inlet Manifold    
49AX230 PLUG,Inlet Manifold MAK 49AX251  
83AX698 CLAMP,Hose MAX 83AX454  
45MD344M HOSE,Inlet (4in ID x 6in Lg)    
45MD344M4 HOSE,Inlet (4in ID x 4-3/4in Lg)    
45MD344M5 HOSE,Inlet (4in ID x 7-5/8in Lg)    
45MD344M6 HOSE,Inlet (4in ID x 9-1/2in Lg)    
45MD344M7 HOSE,Inlet (4in ID x 4in Lg)    
744GB37 HOSE,Inlet (3in ID x 3in Lg) MAK 744GB216P1  
45MD29B HOSE,Inlet (3in ID x 6in Lg)    
744GB310P2 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone)    
45MD342M HOSE,Inlet (3-1/2in ID x 6in Lg)    
45MD342M2 HOSE,Inlet (3-1/2in ID x 4-3/4in Lg)    
45MD414M3 HOSE,Inlet (4in ID x 7-1/8in Lg)    
63AX3686 FITTING,Puff Limiter Tee    
573GB135 GASKET (Used w/ Stamped Manifold)    
314GB41C CORE,Intercooler (Air to Air)    
590GB312B GASKET (1 Piece)    
590GB1321 GASKET,Crossover (Early)    
590GB44 GASKET,Intercooler Core    
6AX1353 SCREW (12 pt)(3/8in-16 x 3in Lg)    
680GC524B TUBE,Turbo Crossover (ETZ673E)(EM6-200)    
680GC520 TUBE,Turbo Crossover (ENDT675)    
449GC27 SEAL,Intercooler End (6-3/4in Lg)    
449GC27P2 SEAL,Intercooler End (4-1/2in Lg)    
590GB1107 GASKET,Inlet Elbow (Early)    
691GC218CX VALVE,Puff Limiter    
691GC218CP4X VALVE,Puff Limiter    
691GC218CP9X VALVE,Puff Limiter    
573GB149 GASKET,Inlet Elbow (Early)    
  Exhaust Manifolds    
104GC343A MANIFOLD,Rear Exhaust    
104GC5167 MANIFOLD,Front/Rear Exhaust    
104GC5166 MANIFOLD,Center Exhaust MAK 104GC5124  
104GC342A MANIFOLD,Front Exhaust    
573GB310 GASKET (4 Bolt Holes)(ENDT676) MAK 573GB241  
573GB310A GASKET (4 Bolt Holes)(w/ Steel Bead)    
23AX395 NUT (Anti-Seize)    
22AX22C NUT (7/16in-14)    
23AX514 NUT,Flanged    
37AX256 WASHER    
87GC132 LOCK (Use w/ EEX-1913    
87GC212 LOCK (Use w/ EEX-1883 MAK 87GC27  
87GC213 LOCK (Use w/ EEX-1883 MAK 87GC28  
616GC180B STUD,Turbo Mount    
616GC28AP2 STUD,Exhaust Manifold (7/16in-14 x 1-7/8in) MAK 17AX93  
616GC28A STUD,Exhaust Manifold (7/16in-14 x 4in)    
616GC248 STUD,Exhaust Manifold (7/16in-14 x 2-3/8in)    
590GB1189A GASKET,Turbo (Single Port) SCH 132040  
3316-409038 GASKET,Turbo (Dual Port)    
573GB257A GASKET,Exhaust Manifold    
21AX852 NUT (3/8in-24)    
37AX495 WASHER    
104GC4300P4 MANIFOLD,Center Exhaust    
370SB23 KIT,Turbo Mounting Includes    
104GC4274B MANIFOLD,Center Exhaust    
104GC5168 MANIFOLD,Center Exhaust    
465380-5014 TURBOCHARGER (Slip Connection) AIR 465380-14  
465498-5002 TURBOCHARGER AIR 465498-2  
631GC5118P6 TURBOCHARGER (S4A) SCH 194769  
SCH185604 TURBOCHARGER (4LE)(Slip Connection) MAK 631GC487P1  
SCH185605 TURBOCHARGER (4LE) MAK 631GC4101P13  
631GC5100P4 TURBOCHARGER (4LE) SCH 186261  
631GC5118P5 TURBOCHARGER (S4A) SCH 194768  
3316-409038 GASKET (Dual Port) AIR 409038  
616GC180B STUD (4 Req'd)    
37AX495 WASHER (4 Req'd)    
21AX852 NUT (4 Req'd)    
590GB1296A GASKET,Oil Drain Tube SCH 132040  
SCH148062 GASKET,Oil Drain Tube    
590GB2109A GASKET,Oil Drain Tube    
56AX356 GASKET,Oil Inlet Tube SCH 129119  
446GC1225 O-RING,Oil Inlet    
4AX17 SCREW (3/8in-16 x 3/4in)    
36AX3 WASHER    
6AX1543 SCREW (3/8in-16 x 7/8in)    
206MS58M SENSOR,Assembly    
744GB310 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone)    
42QE3158P2 HOSE,Inlet (Rubber)    
744GB37 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone) MAK 744GB144P1  
744GB216P2 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone) MAK 744GB144P2  
744GB216P3 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone) MAK 744GB144P3  
744GB37P3 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone) MAK 744GB216P4  
744GB216P5 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone) MAK 744GB144P5  
744GB216P6 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone) MAK 744GB144P6  
744GB310P2 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone)    
45MD442M HOSE,Inlet (Silicone)    
45MD29BP4 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone)    
45MD252 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone)    
45MD354M2 HOSE,Inlet (Silicone)    
83AX698 CLAMP,Hose (3.06in to 4.500in) MAK 83AX739  
681GC335 TUBE,Oil Drain    
681GC419 TUBE,Oil Drain    
208GC268 TUBE,Oil Inlet    
208GC168 TUBE,Oil Inlet MAK 208GC143  
681GC225 TUBE,Oil Drain    
3316-468210 KIT,Turbocharger Service (TEO) AIR 468210  
20QL37P6 INSULATOR,Intercooler    
744GB230P4 HOSE,Turbo (7/8in ID x 4in Lg)    
744GB230P6 HOSE,Turbo (7/8in ID x 6in Lg)    
57GC259 KIT,Turbocharger Retrofit    
45MD362M2 HOSE,Inlet (Cold Side)    
45MD342M HOSE,Inlet (3-1/2in ID x 6in Lg)    
45MD342M2 HOSE,Inlet (3-1/2in ID x 4-3/4in Lg) MAK 45MD360M2  
45MD414M3 HOSE,Inlet (4in ID x 7-1/8in Lg)    
370SB23 KIT,Turbocharger Mounting Includes    
3316-492900 KIT,Turbocharger Service AIR 492900  
3316-492901 KIT,Turbocharger Check Valve AIR 492901  
3316-408906 KIT,Turbocharger Service MAK 3316-4074321  
3316-468211 KIT,Turbocharger Service (TV/TW)    
681GC266 TUBE,Oil Drain MAK 681GC267  
681GC352A TUBE,Oil Drain (R Model)    
56AX535 O-RING,Turbocharger Compressor Outlet    
SCH185994 ADAPTER,Oil Return    
1AX47 SCREW    
37AX168 WASHER    
21AX852 NUT    
83AX983 CLAMP    
42QE44511RP42 ASSEMBLY,Hose    
7536-140353 CLAMP,Turbin SCH 140353  
364SB73A SHAFT,Turbine Assembly SCH 184409  
344SB16P4 RING,Seal SCH 125647  
343SZ38 RING,Retaining SCH 130282  
39SB35 BEARING SCH 138363  
343SB79 O-RING SCH 151242  
343SB81 O-RING SCH 142228  
7536-188591 WHEEL,Compressor (4LE-303) SCH 188591  
261SB51 NUT,Compressor Lock (Nylock Type) SCH 141073  
7536-182669 NUT,Compressor Lock SCH 182669  
48SB21 CLAMP,Compressor SCH 139677  
7536-181999 CARTRIDGE,Turbocharger SCH 181999  
7536-199009 KIT,TurbochargerRepair (S3A) SCH 199009  
7536-183211 KIT,Turbocharger Repair(4LE) SCH 183211  
7536-197080 KIT,Turbocharger Repair (S4A) SCH 197080  
7536-183223 KIT,Turbocharger Repair (3LM) SCH 183223  
7536-183216 KIT,Turbocharger Repair (4D) SCH 183216  
7536-188450 KIT,Turbocharger Repair (4LH & 4LF) SCH 188450  
  Injection Pump Drive Components    
320GB169C COUPLING,Injection Pump    
37AX238X WASHER AMB WA406067  
711GC1118 WASHER    
590GB2155 GASKET,Econovance    
461GC125 SHAFT,Drive (Use w/ ECU-2100 Coupling)    
461GC236 SHAFT,Drive    
46AX313 BEARING,Front Injection Pump BCA 5304  
562GB33 GASKET,Fuel Pump Mounting    
42AX618 KEY    
42AX214 KEY    
763GB322 HOUSING,Drive (4VH)    
421GC164 SCREW    
37AX495 WASHER (3/8in)    
35AX1361U WASHER (7/16in)    
678GB327 GEAR    
590GB2137A GASKET,Econovance MAK590GB2137  
31AX532 PIN    
43AX70 KEY,Injection Pump Coupling AMB KY403378  
142GC172 NUT (7/8in)    
7831-5287 COUPLING (Phenolic)    
26GB412B HOUSING,Adapter    
6AX1317X SCREW (7/16in-14 x 1-1/4in)    
590GB2133A GASKET (Current)    
590GB190D GASKET    
590GB2157 GASKET,Econovance    
  Injection Pump Components    
79-GA403312 WASHER (Copper) AMB GA403312  
79-GA403439 O-RING AMB GA403439  
446GC1131 O-RING AMB GA780423  
79-BC764363A PLUNGER    
79-BC764383A PLUNGER    
122SB99 O-RING,Base Plug AMB GA76214  
70GC230 LEVER,Assembly (2 Hole)(Ambac) AMB LE79258A  
79-409975 LEVER,Assembly (3 Hole)(Ambac) AMB LE79259A  
70GC229A LEVER,Assembly (Robert Bosch) RBB 9421270060  
70GC114A LEVER,Shutoff AMB LE7951A  
79-LE400481 LEVER,Shutoff AMB LE400481  
31QC223 CYLINDER,Air (Rack Limiting)(Robert Bosch)    
31QC212 CYLINDER,Air (Rack Limiting)(Ambac)    
31QC214 CYLINDER,Air (Rack Limiting)(Ambac)    
43AX70 KEY,Injection Pump Coupling AMB KY765  
56AX456 O-RING,Pump    
446GC1126A O-RING,Pump    
590GB1111 GASKET    
446GC1143 O-RING,Rack    
505GC19P10 SHIM,Air Cylinder (.010in thk)    
505GC19P15 SHIM,Air Cylinder (.015in thk)    
79-VA76272A VALVE    
64MT2105M SENDER,Timing    
935-2417413011   MAK 697GC123  
  Injection Pump Governor Components    
79-PK400071 SEAL,Operating Shaft AMB PK400071  
79-BG400704 BUSHING,Operating Shaft AMB BG400704  
79-SP400179 SPRING,Operating Shaft AMB SP400179  
43MR210A TERMINAL,Switch AMB SW795-3A  
590GB191C GASKET    
7501-68032JN75 BEARING,Sleeve AMB BB403798  
1MR2265A COVER,Switch (4 Hole) AMB CV79307A  
79-BG400091 BUSHING,Weight AMB BG400091  
79-PN7986 SHAFT AMB PN402687  
79-PN79100 SHAFT (w/ Oil Hole) AMB PN400102  
449GC112B SEAL,Lead Wire    
70GC230 ASSEMBLY,Lever (2 Hole) AMB LE09980  
79-409975 ASSEMBLY,Lever (3 Hole) AMB LE409975  
70GC229A ASSEMBLY,Lever RBB 9421270060  
1MR2292 ASSEMBLY,Switch (6 Hole) AMB SW795-2A  
  Fuel Injection Components    
319GC110 PUMP,Supply (w/o Primer) AMB SPA22B2  
79-SC400609 SCREW,Retaining    
122SB115 WASHER AMB WMR2041/412X  
362SB91 SPRING,Inlet AMB SP400608  
79-VA7962 SEAT,Inlet Valve AMB VA7962  
2112-S592AB6 PUMP,Primer AMB MP7915A  
79-SPA22B6363A ASSEMBLY,Pump (w/ Primer) AMB SPA22B6363A  
79-GA404770 SEAL AMB GA404770  
79-FI7922 ADAPTER AMB F17922  
343SB31 O-RING AMB GA407748  
318GC17A PUMP,Primer    
79-SP400708 SPRING,Plunger AMB SP400708  
314GC228A PUMP,Supply (w/o Primer)(PLM Pump) AMB SPA25A  
314GC227 PUMP,Supply (2 Valve)    
314GC227P2 PUMP,Supply (4 Valve)    
RBB1411073006 GASKET,Fuel Supply Pump (Robert Bosch)    
79-GA400554 GASKET,Fuel Supply Pump AMB GA400554  
79-WMR2041405X WASHER AMB WMR2041405X  
79-PN400605 PIN AMB PN400605  
79-KT7948 KIT,Fuel Supply Pump Includes AMB KT7948  
79-VA400606 VALVE,Inlet AMB VA7984  
79-GA400612 WASHER,Copper AMB WA400612  
  Injection Nozzles Components    
79-SC780649 SCREW,Nozzle AMB SC780649  
121SB22 WASHER (Copper) AMB GA404119  
498GB28A FITTING,Nozzle Drain (Single)    
498GB27A FITTING,Nozzle Drain (Double)    
79-CP7825 CAP,Nozzle    
590GB1127 SEAL,Nozzle (Copper)    
590GB1338 SEAL,Nozzle (4VH)    
590GB1143 GASKET,Nozzle Holder (Out)    
243AX6F HOSE,Fuel Return (10ft Lg)    
79-GA1034 SEAL,Nozzle AMB GA1034  
79-GA1074 O-RING,Nozzle AMB GA403396  
449GC120 SEAL,Injector    
446GC2125 O-RING,Upper Nozzle Holder    
446GC1195 O-RING    
590GB1352 GASKET    
56AX460 O-RING (4VH)(6 Req'd)    
446GC1208 O-RING (4VH)(12 Req'd)    
114GC222P2 NOZZLE,Injection MAK 935-0433171010  
114GC39 NOZZLE,Injection AMB NBM770000  
114GC310 NOZZLE,Injection AMB ABD155S153-7  
114GC324AP4 NOZZLE,Injection MAK 935-0433175062  
207SB12 KIT,Injector Seal    
  Upper Gasket Sets    
126SB183A SET,Upper Gasket    
  (All 2VH, 6 Cylinder Engines)    
126SB187D SET,Upper Gasket MAK 126SB187  
126SB183 SET,Upper Gasket    
  Lower Gasket Sets    
126SB184A SET,Lower Gasket (All 2H, E6 Engines)    
126SB188 SET,Lower Gasket (All 4VH, E6 Engines)    

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